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Thabaalpetti - About Us

During the past few days, we have sent greetings and wishes for various events such as birthdays, Pongal, and Diwali. In these celebrations, we often witness expressions of joy, gratitude, or happiness. When a postal worker delivers a postcard, and we take it from the mailbox to see an envelope inside, we experience a unique kind of anticipation—one that suggests a personal connection. Unfortunately, such experiences are rare nowadays. If someone were to express heartfelt wishes over a phone call, no one would send a congratulatory message through mail anymore…! To change this, we have adopted a different approach by taking this postal bag method into our hands. Whether it’s a birthday or any special occasion, when you send a short message, we will craft it into an envelope and send it through the Indian Postal  Department, preserving the tradition of sending warm wishes through mail…!